Decaf Language Compiler

by admin

Not everybody know the decaf as a programming language. Actually, it’s a language used as part of Compilers courses in several universities. Due to it’s lightweight and simple, it’s a useful tool for learning compiler courses and practice.

This version of decaf varies quit much from other versions. You may read the specification first to start your practice. I wrote it at Fall, 2007 while I’m taking CMPT 379 at SFU and finally got A+ :) . The course was introduced by Anoop Sarkar, who is a genius and kind professor.

To run this program, you should have g++, bison, flex and spim installed. For more detailed information, you may see readme.txt in the package. This is a very trivial compiler which only consider syntactic parsing and semantic check. I didn’t take code optimizing in account. Hope this can give you some help on learning compiler.

Only those professionals are cleared for 70-642 and 642-642 series who have courses like 642-825 and 642-845 to their credit in addition to 642-552, in order to stand qualified for EX0-101.