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How to connect vim with gdb — using clewn

First, I will show you the screen shot The screen of vim is divide into two sub windows, the top one can display the code and the bottom one shows the variable you want to watch. Well, this can be changed by you, you can split the window any way you like. You can use […]

I am using Ubuntu 7.10 currently

Well, I have used ubuntu 6.06 before, but because my XP crashed some time, and I had to reinstall my XP. It cause my grub been destroyed. Unfortunately, I even didn’t know how to rewrite grub by live-cd. (which seems to simple today). I gave up ubuntu that time, about one and a half years […]

About my blog

This is Chunhao Wang, in Chinese, is 王春昊 I would like to share my experience and note about ubuntu/linux, vim, technology and other things with each other. Also, if I make some project or write some articles, I will post it here to share them. Competing in exams like 70-272 and 70-528 prepare one for […]