I am using Ubuntu 7.10 currently

by admin

Well, I have used ubuntu 6.06 before, but because my XP crashed some time, and I had to reinstall my XP. It cause my grub been destroyed. Unfortunately, I even didn’t know how to rewrite grub by live-cd. (which seems to simple today). I gave up ubuntu that time, about one and a half years ago. Half years ago, I saw ubuntu’s 3D desktop from google; it’s something like eye-candy, but really attracted me, and I installed it on my laptop. Since I have some experience about linux before, it wasn’t not very hard to install it. It took me about couple of days to configure the 3D desktop, due to which, I learned many things about config files and file structures of linux. That’s a good start, wasn’t it? After that, I walked into the world of linux, and found it was really wonderful! During that time, I learned something about vim, latex, and other useful tools on linux. It helps a lot in everyday’s study and work. Later, I will share some of my experience about that. Anyway, it ‘s just a start.