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Are Your Fingers Long Enough to Use Vim?

Note: I wrote this post just for fun. Please don’t take it seriously. Thank you! Which editor are you using, Vim or Emacs? And why? Next time, when you are arguing with other people about which editor is better and trying to persuade others to use your favorite editor, just forget it. If you believe […]

Which email client are you using?

What can you do for killing time? Maybe you could figure out what email clients your contacts are using. It’s funny. Most people prefer webmail, especially Gmail. Webmail is very easy to use and does not require much configuration. Gmail is the most wonderful webmail. It groups messages by threads and it has a powerful […]

Tools for Reading Sources

Hacking is a good method of learning. And the pre-stage of hacking is reading the source code. You might have this experience: facing a large amount of source code (generally dozens of files), you don’t know how to start, or you even don’t know how to read them. A good tool is very helpful for […]

Burning Video DVD on Ubuntu

Burning video DVD is harder than you think. It involves transcoding, subtitles, burning and other complicated things. Each step may not work for you, let alone on Ubuntu! I just created my first video DVD. My experience may help you get less trouble on burning your video DVD on Ubuntu/Linux. Most DVD videos are encoded […]

How to synchronize with SSH

I will share my experience in synchronizing files with SSH here. Following are demonstrated by synchronizing Dokuwiki. Of course, you can synchronize everything as you like. The wiki I used in my homepage is Dokuwiki. The most great feature is that it does not require database connection. It’s very convenience for personal usage. I have […]

Upgrading to Hardy

Upgrading is evil. Although sometimes software need upgrading, in order to fix bugs, or add new supporting, when you find bugs, there are only two things you can do for it. The first is fixing it yourself, while the second is waiting for upgrade. On the other hand, you might find some bugs appears after […]

Slax Linux, with Chinese

A few days ago, I decided to installed linux on my 1GB USB Drive. In order for the ability to do some recovering when my system crashes(hope not) and for fun. After considering several distro, I chose slax linux. I think I’ve been influenced a lot by my friend Jiawei who had used slax linux […]

Interesting Unix Time

If you set the preference of you system time, you will find a clock type called “UNIX time“. If “UNIX time” is selected, what will happen? Cool! This is the time here. Isn’t it interesting? Well, it may be confusing as hell, and you may ask what’s the time it is. Let’s investigate what’s Unix […]

How to connect vim with gdb — using clewn

First, I will show you the screen shot The screen of vim is divide into two sub windows, the top one can display the code and the bottom one shows the variable you want to watch. Well, this can be changed by you, you can split the window any way you like. You can use […]

I am using Ubuntu 7.10 currently

Well, I have used ubuntu 6.06 before, but because my XP crashed some time, and I had to reinstall my XP. It cause my grub been destroyed. Unfortunately, I even didn’t know how to rewrite grub by live-cd. (which seems to simple today). I gave up ubuntu that time, about one and a half years […]