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Why Python

Why Python? If it’s not 10 times better than other languages (except for the running speed), I won’t bother it. Let me give you an example to show Python’s awesomeness and attractiveness. Refer to this page for the problem. We are asked to compute the first ten digits of the sum of one-hundred 50-digit numbers: […]

Are Your Fingers Long Enough to Use Vim?

Note: I wrote this post just for fun. Please don’t take it seriously. Thank you! Which editor are you using, Vim or Emacs? And why? Next time, when you are arguing with other people about which editor is better and trying to persuade others to use your favorite editor, just forget it. If you believe […]

How to connect vim with gdb — using clewn

First, I will show you the screen shot The screen of vim is divide into two sub windows, the top one can display the code and the bottom one shows the variable you want to watch. Well, this can be changed by you, you can split the window any way you like. You can use […]