Site moved here

by admin

I have successfully backordered this new domain name ““, which is better to stand for me than my old domain name “”.

I am using 000webhost for the old site, which is really a good free host provider. However, due to my misoperation,  the new domain cannot be located in the free web host any more. I switched to another non-free host provider–GoDaddy.

Now, most part of the site have been transferred to the new domain here. All the posts and comments in my blog have also been moved properly. The old domain( will keep alive for a long time. However, no upgrading will be presented there any more.

Most things are the same with old ones, except for some some changes. There most significant is  WordPress. This new blog is built using WordPress 2.7, while the old one WordPress 2.3. There are lots of changes between the two versions, escpecially in the admin page. The new version is more user-friendly and integrated with much new feathers. Thanks for the small quantity of the posts and comments in my old sites, it’s very easy to move them correctly!

So sorry for you inconvenience! And thank you for touching my new site here. Please keep trace of my new site:, as well as my blog: