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My Chinese Blog

A new blog has been set up. I will post my Chinese articles there. Here, only English contents will appear from now on. All the old articles in both languages here will be reserved. I will use this blog to post some technique articles related to Linux, programming in English. It should be a good […]

Unify the themes

My site is based on various applications. The blog is based on WordPress, the wiki is based on Dokuwiki, the photo gallery the Simpleviewer. Other pages are written by hand. Originally, each part had its own theme. It’s hard to acces other parts directly from one part. For example, there are no links from my […]

Site moved here

I have successfully backordered this new domain name ““, which is better to stand for me than my old domain name “”. I am using 000webhost for the old site, which is really a good free host provider. However, due to my misoperation,  the new domain cannot be located in the free web host any […]