Unify the themes

by admin

My site is based on various applications. The blog is based on WordPress, the wiki is based on Dokuwiki, the photo gallery the Simpleviewer. Other pages are written by hand.

Originally, each part had its own theme. It’s hard to acces other parts directly from one part. For example, there are no links from my blog or wiki to my homepage. I decided to change this. Eventually, the goal is achieved.

The theme of my blog is blue-pix. I like it for its briefness. The first thing I did is to port this theme on my home page. This work is pretty simple. I only changed the tags of the CSS file. Then, I modified the blog’s theme, added a link to homepage. The themes of homepage and blog was unified.

Next thing is my wiki. I have no idea about how to create template on dokuwiki at the beginning. When I refered to this link, I started my work. I did a lot of change on CSS and PHP files. Finally, my own template of dokuwiki was created. Now the themes of the whole site is unified, except for the photo gallery.

For the blog’s theme, blue-pix, I also did lots of modification. The originally version did not support widget, and it did not support Google Analytics and other things. It also did not support thread comments. Now, it works fine. If you are interested in this theme, just feel free to contact me.

I am not an expert on PHP, CSS, and HTML. However, I like hacking. All the problems are solved with the help of Google. I believe one sentence–don’t learn to hack, just hack to learn.



Just now, I finished the modification of my photo gallery. Now, everything in my site are following the same theme!