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Tools for Reading Sources

Hacking is a good method of learning. And the pre-stage of hacking is reading the source code. You might have this experience: facing a large amount of source code (generally dozens of files), you don’t know how to start, or you even don’t know how to read them. A good tool is very helpful for […]

Unify the themes

My site is based on various applications. The blog is based on WordPress, the wiki is based on Dokuwiki, the photo gallery the Simpleviewer. Other pages are written by hand. Originally, each part had its own theme. It’s hard to acces other parts directly from one part. For example, there are no links from my […]

How to connect vim with gdb — using clewn

First, I will show you the screen shot The screen of vim is divide into two sub windows, the top one can display the code and the bottom one shows the variable you want to watch. Well, this can be changed by you, you can split the window any way you like. You can use […]