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Are Your Fingers Long Enough to Use Vim?

Note: I wrote this post just for fun. Please don’t take it seriously. Thank you! Which editor are you using, Vim or Emacs? And why? Next time, when you are arguing with other people about which editor is better and trying to persuade others to use your favorite editor, just forget it. If you believe […]

Which email client are you using?

What can you do for killing time? Maybe you could figure out what email clients your contacts are using. It’s funny. Most people prefer webmail, especially Gmail. Webmail is very easy to use and does not require much configuration. Gmail is the most wonderful webmail. It groups messages by threads and it has a powerful […]

Tools for Reading Sources

Hacking is a good method of learning. And the pre-stage of hacking is reading the source code. You might have this experience: facing a large amount of source code (generally dozens of files), you don’t know how to start, or you even don’t know how to read them. A good tool is very helpful for […]

How to synchronize with SSH

I will share my experience in synchronizing files with SSH here. Following are demonstrated by synchronizing Dokuwiki. Of course, you can synchronize everything as you like. The wiki I used in my homepage is Dokuwiki. The most great feature is that it does not require database connection. It’s very convenience for personal usage. I have […]

Lessons Learned from Software Engineering

More than one month since U.A.T of CMPT 275 passed. We almost failed on it. But I have no time to write some experience and lessons learned from that until now, because I was busy with other things after I was back to China. Oppose with what I thought before, writing a big software is […]